1. If you had trusted me and buy HP´s laptop, you wouldn't have had to get it fixed so soon.
2. If I hadn´t downloaded so much illegal movies from the Internet I wouldn´t have had the problems now.
3. If Tom had bought that antivirus software, he would not have had so many viruses on his computer.
4. We would have got this work done if we had used Photoshop instead.
5. If my mother had been born 20 years later she would have known how to create her Twitter account.
6. If I had changed my Ip address, nobody would have known it was me.
7. We would never had all this work done if we had not had the Internet access.
8. He would never have meet his girfriend if he had not used this dating website.
9. If I had studied IT engineering, I would have found the job with no trouble.
10. If Tom had converted this archive into .pdf, his tutor would have accepted it.


De nada! :)
me puede ayudar con 3 oraciones con el 2 condicional if past simple would +base form con kept fixed displayed xfa
Claro, adjuntalo cómo otra tarea y enviame el enlace o el numero de tarea