¡La mejor respuesta!
*when is your birthay?
mi birthay is in November.
*when's christmas ? 
it's in december 
*when are the sports school games?
they're in two months 
*when's our history test?
it's on november 21st.
*when's your dad's birthay 
it's in agost
_ what day is it to day ?
it's on saturday 
_what day is the test?
it's on wednesday 
_what day is that ?
it's on friday
_what day is the closing?
it's on friday 
_what day is your birthay ?
it's on Monday 
< what time is the test?
it's at 11am
< what time is the party 
it's at 9pm
<wthat time is christmas eve?
it's at 12pm 
<wthat time are the games?
they're at 9am 
<what time's the class 
it's at 7am 
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