Annie: Hey! You know that incredible band, The Beatles? 
Josh: Yes! Of course, they are a legend. 
Megan: Yeah, right? They are probably the most amazing band in the history of bands. 
Annie: So I was saying, my little brother was playing around in the internet and he stumbled with a pretty great song from them. I think it is called Lucy in the sky with diamonds. I thought, why don't I do a cover for this song? It is great and it so beautiful.
Megan: You really should do it! Your voice is perfect for this song and I will love to hear it. 
Josh: Yeah, me too! 
Annie: Really? I am a little nervous, since they are such a great band I am a little afraid my cover will just look like a waste of space next to their song. 
Megan: No! Don't think like that, your song will be awesome!
Annie: Thanks guys. 
Bueno no se si esto es lo que quiere, es solo sobre una chica annie hablando sobre los Beatles y como se encontro una cancion de ellos y quiere hacer un cover. Los amigos la apoyan.