Por favor necesito realizar estas oraciones en ingles sobre vacaciones
mention the place you went.
mention when you went.
mention the people you went with.
mention activities you did.
mention the place you are going to visit on your
mention when you plan to go
mention the people you are going to go with.
mention the activities you plan to do



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I went to the Galapagos Islands.

I went to the galapagos islands a week ago.

My mother, my father, and my brothers went.

In Galapos islands took many pictures, we sat on the sand and watched the sea view, we took a tour around the place and saw many animals like iguanas, seals, turtles.

To see the next I plan to go to the world of disney.

I'm going to go for my next birthday.

Let's go to the world of diney all my family, my mother, my father and my brothers.

Let's see the facilities, diney figures, take photos, swim in the pool.

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I went to London.
I was in London a month ago.
My family and I visited London.
We took a lot of pictures, we travelled around the city and ate all the food we could because it was delicious and then we went to watch the Big Ben, it was really awesome.
We are also going to visit the highest roller coaster because it is a very touristic place and we didn't want to miss it.
We are planning to go next week because we are finishing the school period that week.
I'm going with my friends because It sounds cool that just us teenagers are going to be without any supervision so we can do a lot of crazy things without being caught. But good things of course, like going on an adventure.
We plan to do a lot of things such as going to museums, eating in all restaurants as possible, taking a lot of pictures with foreigns, going to a zoo and going to the beach.
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