I've lived in Canadá for five years.
She's been to London recently.
He hasn't finished his homework yet.
We've been friends since we were 12.
They haven't attended this class since the year began.
You've bought in the same store for five years.
It's changed its decoration recently.
I've loved you since I first met you.
She has written five letters since you left the room.
School has not started yet.
She has never been to Autralia before.
I haven't studied that subject yet.
You've eaten the same breakfast since your mom died.
He hasn't learnt how to play the guitar yet.
That place has been there since 1998.
They haven't sung in the chorus for six years.
We've attended that place twice.
We haven't seen each other since we were 17.
She's worked as a reporter since 2005.
He's slept for 5 hours straight.