¡La mejor respuesta!
-Did you play soccer yesterday? (jugaste ayer futbool?)
No, I did not.
-What did you do yesterday? (que hiciste ayer?)
I did my homework
-How did you get it? (como lo conseguiste?)
I have to work in my uncle's house
-Who did you see? (a quien viste?)
I saw my mom
- Did you go to the cinema las night? (fuiste al cine anoche?)
Yes i did
-Why did she go there? (Porque fue ella ahi?)
Because she want to
-Did you miss me? (me extrañaste?
Yes i did
-Did you sleep late yesterday? (dormiste tarde ayer?)
Yes i did, i feel awfull
- Which movie did you see in the cinema? (que pelivula viste en le cine?)
I saw Catching fire
-Which book did you buy? (que libro compraste?)
I bought sinsajo