2013-12-03T01:33:00+01:00 you should work better
2.She should listen the class
3.He should at this potatoes in the night
4.They should write a poem with the miss
5.He should work harder
6.She should run in the morning because she is a atletism
7.Mariela should speak spanish in Peru
8.Rodrigo should ride his bike with caution
9.Juan shouldn´t go to the beach in this condition
10.Sabina shouldn´t arrive late
11.Narcoving shouldn´t eat this cookies in the morning
12.Thomas should eat vegetales
13.Marie shouldn´t kiss in the mouth a her dog
14.Braulio should study math for the exam tomorrow
15.Sheyla should sing in the karaoke
16.Hey!! shouldn´t chapter this part of the exam
17.Sabrina should jump the rope in the afternoon
18.Victoria shouldn´t speak grosserie in the hospital
19.Salvador should eat pancake in the afternoon
20.Caroline should see a dentist because his theeth is very big

2013-12-03T01:39:34+01:00 should wash your hands before eat should clean your room should know this already should do your homework. should be on time to clase
6.we should go to the movies to night
7.they should clean the stuff
8.we should have a date one day should go and have fun
10.There is something you shoul know
11. He should be here by now should ask if you have a question
13 you should sleep a lot
14.he should make the laundry
15.they should go to school
16.she should help the por should wake up early should practice english should learn to drive
20. He should get here as fast as he can.