"Friends that give you strength
When you feel that you get lost,
those who tend the hand
When are you depressed.

They are those that give you that energy
When you feel depressed,
they clean the air you breathe,
When you\\\'re feeling defeated.

That with a big smile
they give the strength that you need,
they are such dear friends
the brothers of our life."


 In the wind love echo sounds
Love! My deep love never ending
Innocence, pure, full of meaning
With delightful holes in the centre of the cloud
Hummingbirds and the little goat baa
And the cheeps of the birds in my acacia
They are telling me tales and legends of unfinished romances
The shepherdess knows the land better than I
The ways are narrows and larges. Wait for me there
Now we have to eat for the holiday begins here
Family is waiting don´t be late!
The smell of roasted lamb
involves our hearts!

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