Escribir 10 frases con doble y repetido comparativos. Por ejemplo:

* The sun became hotter and hotter. (repetido)

* I am more intelligent than you. (doble)

usando hot, developed, probable,interesting,intelligent

Muchas Gracias! Doy 10 Puntos para las 10 frases





1. I became happier and happier when i saw the things that where coming up

2. I am taller than Jim, but shorter than you.

3. My dad is funnier than my mum, she's always angry.

4. And the summer seemed longer and longer, like it never had end.

5. She went more and more angry, when she saw him kissing that girl.

6. The things went worst and worst, but not till this happened.

7. One thing was better than the other.

8. You are the ugliest person i've ever met in my whole life.

10. And you become more and more ugly everyday.