1.It was only a kiss
2.We were born for this
3.My friend Joseph has written a very interesting novel.
4.Mary has wrung her knee when she was dancing.
5.Mario Conde has withdrawn from the factory where he was working
6.The cook has wound the jam inside the steak.
7.Real Madrid has won the Spanish Football Championship this year.
8.Tom have been in london for three years.
9.The boy had awaken when his parents arrived
10.The sun has risen on the east.
11.Jill bore a big child last night.
12.John has begun his career as an actor.
13.Rachel has bent the khife this morning,
14.James has broken the glass last night.
15.The pencil has cost one dolar.
16.My sister has cast the plant yesterday night
17.I ate a sandwich
18.He went to the school
19.They began the exercises
20.She said that her sister was wrong

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