Pablo: Hey guys! I would like you to meet my firend from Germany, Johan.
Johan: Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all!
Anna: Hi Johan! My name is Anna and I am from Poland. Did you come here for Erasmus as well?
Johan: Yes I did! You too? Anna: No, I came to Madrid to do my medical internship, but Lars is also an Erasmus students.
Lars: Yes I am! I came here from Malmo in Sweden, and this is already my 2nd semester in Madrid, you will see, you are going to love the city!
Johan: I am sure I will! Anna how long are you planning to stay in Spain?
Anna: At least for two years in Madrid, that´ s how long my internship lasts, but then I am planning to travel a little bit before I will go back to Warsaw.
Lars: Sounds great! Johan: Yes it does! Pablo, how did you meet all those foreign friends of yours?
Pablo: That´s actually very simple, we all go to the same gym.
Anna: Ok I need to go back to work now, I will see you later. Nice meeting you Johan! Johan: Nice meeting you all. I will bo going too, my classes start in an hour.
Pablo: See you later!
Lars: Bye!