Verbo have got/ has got 1 my brother___________a blue car 2 mary_________many subjects at school 3 i____________a strong headache 4we______________a party this weekend 5my mother____________black hair and black eyes perdon que joda siii ayudame es lo mismo que la ves pasa en + - ? siiiiiiiiiii :)verbo presente continuos 1 my father ____________the newspaper now (read) 2 i______________my homework (do) 3 yesica and rebeca _________________the bible(study) 4tom and you _____________to music (listen) 5my mother__________a delicious cake (make)simple present 1 sofia and martha___________at 7 o clock ond sundays (getup) 2 i_____________my english homework every day ( do) 3 pedro and jack _______________their bedroom (clean) 4 my sister __________________the dishes every day (wash) 5 we____________him very well( know) es para mañana a las 6 si no llevo esto desapruebo intente hacer pero naaa no me sale por fiiss sii plisss perdon x



1 has got 
2 has got 
3 have got
4 have got
5 hasgot 
espero te sirva :)
tengo que hacer todo en + - ? las 15 oraciones