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Esta es una redacción en ingles sobre tus últimas vacaciones:


On my last summer vacations I had an amazing trip with my family to the Mayan Riviera in Mexico. We arrived first to a very fancy hotel close to playa del Carmen, the place was so beautiful, with great restaurants and pools, our room was a nice suite with a view of the Caribbean sea, what else could we ask for?. But, our plan wasn’t to stay all day in the hotel so the next day we went to Playa del Carmen to take a ferry to visit the Island of Cozumel, and there we enjoyed the day scuba-diving in the sea and walking around the town. The day after we decided to rent a car and go to Chichen Itza, but before arriving we stopped in a town called Valladolid to visit an antique church, a cenote and the principal quarter, when we arrived to Chichen we couldn’t believe how amazing was the mayan civilization, it felts really magical.