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The Arctic´s situation
Arctic´s ice, on which existence we all depend, is melting and it´s melting fast. During the last 30 years we have lost aprox. 3/4 of the total of ice layer. Ice layer reflexes most of the sun´s heat back to the space, which helps to protect the Eart from overheating and keep the meteorological systems balanced. We need do protect the Arctic's ice layer, to protect us all. Even if it sounds unreal and distant, that Arctic's ice can actually melt, it is indeed vital for the Earth's climatic existence. To protect us from the catastrophical effects of the climat change it's essencial to keep the growth of the temperature under 2ºC. If it's going to get more than that Arctic's ice will dissapear. And what is going to happen then? Seasons, hervests, food we can produce, forests, seas' levels, animal species will change for ever. Arctic is facing an enormous danger since the huge oil company: Shell has some ambitious plans of exploitation of the oil resources in this area and it is planned to start this year with installing five exploratory wells in the territory of the Arctic's Sea. To perform  the drills, machines will break the icebergs that would appear on their way, afterwards the spare ice will be melted by the huge hoses with hot water. If we let them do that the catastrophy is just about to ocurre. It is unacceptable to perform the drills in such a fragile ecosystems, the natural inhabitats of the: polar bears, arctic foxes and a lot of more unique species. An oil spill in this area would be impossible to contain and would cause more damage than the Golf of Mexico environmental disaster. To prevent it from happening it is necesary to implement some solutions that would help us to stop the climat change. The special attention should be put on the transport industry, the one which consumes the mayor quantity of oil and which is the mayor cause of the global warming. We should also support the renowable sopurces of energy, politics and the international agreements which gets to reduce the global CO2 emission. We should embark on the path towards a 100% oil-free future, insisting on the energetic revolution in transport industry, based on sustainable mobility, more efficient vehicles and the introduction of renewable energy sources in transport.
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