1) You Work in a company 'Tú trabajas en una empresa' 
2) He drinks a lot of water 'Él toma mucha agua' 
3)I speak English and French (Hablo inglés y francés) 
4) She speaks English and French (Ella habla inglés y francés) 

Ejemplos de forma negativa 

1) I don't like tomatoes = No me gusta el tomate. 
2) He doesn't sing in the shower = Él no canta en la ducha. 
3) I don't (do not) smoke (No fumo) 
4) He doesn't (does not) smoke (Él no fuma) 

 are you a doctor? (Eres doctor?) 
 Are you in Cuba? (¿Estás en Cuba?) 
 Is he a good person (¿Es él una buena persona?) 
 Can you play the guitar? (¿Puedes tocar la guitarra?) 
 Can't they go with us? (¿No pueden ellos ir con nosotros?) 
 he washes the dishes  I don´t speak english  Do you want ice cream?
 I eat the lunch  We don´t go to the park  Does he do the homework? 
 Eliana sees tv  he doesn´t to eat in the restaurant  Does she drink cofee?
 We go to the office We don´t go to the beach  Do you have a work?
 she has a toy  I don´t have hungry , does he go to the bank?
 He runs in the park  they don´t eat meat  Do you drink a beer? 
 Mary wants a house  she don´t jump on the table .Do they work in the factory?
 You go to the school The children don´t play in the play  Do we live in a big house?
 We live in the city  they eat hot dog  Do he sleep in the afternoon?
 I study in the night  Isabella don´t laugh in the class room  Does he buy a car?

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