The novel takes an epistolary form . Located in the eighteenth-century Europe and in full scientific effervescence, the captain of a whaling vessel wrote to his sister Margaret and their vicissitudes physical encounter with Victor Frankenstein , who in search of the secret of life without considering the consequences that this will bring , creates a new being with parts of other human beings. The result is monstrous and from here a confrontation carried to its extreme, a philosophical and moral questioning of man against his creator that will see an end to the tragic death of two starts.
Main characters :
Victor Frankenstein : Passionate about scientific advances, moving from Geneva to England to continue his studies and pursue his research on human life. Of noble character , tranquility is interrupted to give life to Frankenstein whose shade they desperately pursued throughout his life.
Frankenstein : Results of the experiments of Victor Frankenstein. Feel a deep despite the rejection of which is victim by humans because of its ugly appearance. His relationship with his creator is love and hate.
Elizabeth : Companion game and Victor promised . From a young age is taken to live with the Frankenstein family , becoming a fundamental part of it. It is the latest victim of Frankenstein.
Alphonse Frankenstein : Father Victor . Support your child to continue their studies outside Switzerland. His health is deteriorating because of the sudden deaths of their loved ones .
Henry Clerval : Victor unconditional friend . Sympathizes with him in the moments of greatest physical illness and psychological confusion in Ingolstadt. It becomes other victims of Frankenstein.
Robert Walton : Captain of the whaling ship finds Victor in the last stage cool your life. They travel together and becomes his only confessor in this terrible story. Victor is in the noble soul and friend both craved .
Secondary characters :
Felix Family : Farmers who live in a cottage opposite the Frankenstein , who is learning the language and conflicting human feelings. Because of the rejection of Frankenstein for its stunning looks, give birth to him, the hatred of humanity .
 Summary of the book of acts :
The story begins with a series of letters sent Captain Robert Walton to his sister Margaret Saville in England where the situation tells their fortunes and misfortunes at sea and the moving story of his new friend and guest Victor Frankenstein.