Appearance and Sound of HangulThe ConsonantsDue to the subjective nature of language, pronunciations will vary from region to region as well as person to person.To hear a sample of the pronunciation of each letter, click the icon to the left of the Korean character. You can then hear its name and pronunciation.NameHangulPronunciation at the...Start of a wordStart of a syllableEnd of a word기역 (giyok)  ㄱk (kite)g (ghost)k (walk)쌍기역 (ssang giyok)  ㄲg (gone)<- same<- same니은 (nieun)  ㄴn (now)<- same<- same디귿 (digeut)  ㄷt (talk)d (mind)t (hot)쌍디귿 (ssang digeut)  ㄸd (dog)<- same<- same리을 (rieul)  ㄹr (run)<- samel (real)미음 (mieum)  ㅁm (mop)<- samem (hum)비읍 (bieup)  ㅂp (pool)b (bay)p (lap)쌍비읍 (ssang bieup)  ㅃb (bird)<- same<- same시옷 (siot)  ㅅs (show)<- samet (hot)쌍시옷 (ssang siot)  ㅆs (sun)<- samet (hot)이응 (ieung)  ㅇsilent<- sameng (ring)지읒 (jieut)  ㅈch (chop)j (jar)t (hot)쌍지읒 (ssang jieut)  ㅉj (jim)<- samet (hot)치읓 (chieut)  ㅊch (itch)<- samet (hot)키읔 (kieuk)  ㅋkh (khaki)<- same<- same티읕 (tieut)  ㅌt (tip)<- samet (hot)피읖 (pieup)  ㅍp (pit)<- samep (lap)히읕 (hieut)  ㅎh (hot)<- samesilent