Oraciones con buy become break can come play plan open watch talk carry help

I buy this t-shirt.
I become of her house. I break my knee. I can sing very well. I come to my house. I play with my dog. I plan this question. I open the book. I watch this film. I talk with my friend
I buy apples everyday. Stop jumping, you're going to break your leg. I can swim. I don't like to play with you. I have a plan for my future. I need to open the window. I am going to watch tv this afternoon. I can't talk right now. I will help you with that problem.


I buy a motorbike
I become of the shopping centre
I break my mobile phone
I can swim 4 metres
I come to my house
I play with my news friends
I plan this text
I open the door
I watch my favorite programme
I talk with my mum
he carry a taxi
I help my brother