1. the cat is under the table
2.this pencil under my notebook
The shoes are under the table - Los zapatos estan debajo de la mesa 
The rabbit is under the tree - El conejo está debajo del árbol 
The ball is under the car - La pelota está debajo del carro 
The book is on the desktop - El libro está sobre el escritorio 
The lamp is under the table - La lámpara está sobre la mesa 
The pencil is on the notebook - El lápiz esta sobre la libreta
This has been going on under my nose all the time!
Miss Lee, remember you are under oath.
Mark said something under his breath and I couldn't understand him.I can't do my work if you're all the time under my feet! Go away!I'm sick of being under my mom's thumb. I'm a grown woman, I have my own life!I'm sorry, I've got a lot of work to do and I'm under the gun with it.Moe seemed to be under the impression that we were going with him.Lots of celebrities get arrested for driving under the influence.My sister has gallstones and she has to go under the knife.Helen had to go home because she was feeling a bit under the weather.The whole thing was a secret and they kept it