Kien me puede dar un dialogo de 15 lineas de 2 personas con el verbo CAN y en el dialogo k intervengan habilidades k se pueden hacer

necesito pára ohorita
Profesor: Hello Children
Profesor: Hello children Hello teacher Alumno cualquiera: Can i go to the toilet Please Profesor: Yes Go


Peter: You can buy it?
John: I have no money but you if you can buy
Peter: I can not have to save money
John: This can either buy it
John: How much does it cost?
Pedro: It costs only 5 dollars
John: Well I have 2 separate I can leave it to the cashier
Peter: Yeah but you can hurry?
John: If I have to cross the street alone
Peter: OkJohn: I return
Peter: Ok can you give me 5 dollars to buy
John: Sure here have
Peter: Thanks, see you in the house of maria
John: Ok see you in the house of maria

Espero te sirva :D