Polar bears roam the Arctic ice and swim towards the coastal areas . They are very strong swimmers who use their front legs to polar impulsarse.oso have been polar bears were seen swimming very far at sea. Most likely, the route section should do mounted on giant pieces of ice.Polar bears live in one of the coldest places , and therefore depend on their fur that covers their entire body, and is composed of fat that insulates body heat and thus prevents freezing. The fur will grow up in the legs , which also facilitates the grip is slippery ice. Another important function of the fur is camouflage that this offers in the snow, because of the color white . But under their white fur , his skin is black, to better absorb sunlight when available .These predators tend to feed on marine animals. Use the areas where the ice is broken , as the animals come out these holes to breathe . If there is any chance , bear no polarduda bear eating corpses he not hunted, like a great whale . The polar bear is in the top of the food chain in the area where you live , so it has no natural enemy. The females have their young in holes to protect them from the elements of nature. After 28 months with the mother, have learned survival tactics . Bears are solitary animals , and males may even kill young of their own species .

 Los osos polares son muy atractivos, pero son poderosos depredadores, y no temen a los humanos. Cerca de asentamientos humanos, estos suelen escarbar en la basura.