• Usuario de Brainly
hello how are you? 
what's your name? 
where you live? 
What nationality are you? 
What music do you like? 
what sport do you practice? 
Like that matters most? 
which school are you studying? 
part of the world that you like more? 
What is your favorite candy? 
what is your favorite color? 
What is your favorite food? 
what is your favorite star? 
which is your favorite? 
What language do you speak? 
What time did you wake up? 
how often you bathe? 
what time breakfast? 
what is your favorite teacher? 
what is your favorite animal?

I don't play tennis 
He doesn't eat bananas 
They don't talk a lot 
She doesn't do her homework 
I don't want to go to the cinema 
We don't play soccer on mondays 
They don't go to the theater 
He doesn't walk in the mornings 
She doesn't want to eat pizza 
We don't surf in the internet 
I don't erase the board 
He doesn't play the guitar 
She doesn't buy pencils 
They don't have a yahoo account 
We don't take out the trash 
I don't write novels 
He doesn't read books 
She doesn't study in a academy 
We don't search solutions 
They don't open the door

I have a cat. 
I wear glasses. 
I watch television. 
I listen to music. 
I play soccer. 
I play the guitar. 
I go to the supermarket. 
I go shopping. 
I read a book. 
I do math homework. 
I buy a shirt.