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The Lion:The lion is a kind of carnivorous animal feeds hebíívoros eg zebras, buffalo, antelope, etc ... are large mammals. They can weigh about 270 kg and its size is very large measure about 3.3 meters tall females are about 2.7 meters long, including the tail. 1 meter high. Average weight of 125-180 kg. They are very active at night and rest by day they live in the jungle, on the savannah, where shrubs, and also of all is the king of the jungle. The Lion constumbres are: hunting, sleeping, fiddling with each other, etc ... In captivity it may come to live up to 25 years, some perhaps beyond this age. Lions are capable of killing people, but the lions fall ill, injured or old hyena attack and eat slowly.It is mighty hunter.The animal represents freedom.The animal that inspires purity.

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