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1-Did your family go to the meeting?----Yes, they did.
2-Did you find a work last month?------Yes, I did.
3-Did they get married the last Saturday------------Yes,they did.
4-Did your friend give up smoking? --------------yes, he did.
5-Did she have a party to celebrate her birthday?-----------yes, she did.
6-Did he travelled to London with his family?----------no, he didn't.
7-Did their pets eat the biscuits?------------no, they didn't.
8-Did the boss hire a new employee?-----------------yes, she did.
9-Did the train leave the station late?---------------------no, it didn't.
10-Did the priest open the church very early?-----------------yes, he did.
11-Were you in the shopping centre?------------yes, I was.
12-Were they studying in the same university?--------------yes, they were.
13-Were your uncles at home this morning?-----------------no, they weren't.
14-Were we late for the concert?---------------------yes, we were.
15-Were the streets dirty after the strike?---------------yes, they were.
16-Was the microwave oven fix?--------------------yes, it was.
17-Was your child felling sick?---------------no, he wasn't.
18-Was the police officer promoted?------------------no, he wasn't.
19-Was you watching tv before the earthquake?-------------no, I wasn't.
20-Was the exam easy?--------------------------no, it wasn't.
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