Sarah: Hi Michelle, do you already know Sophia?, she is new at the school
Michelle: Oh hi Sarah!, Hi Sophia, is nice to meet you, where you come from?
Sophia: Hi Michelle, im from Vermont, im glad to be here, and meet you girls im really hope have a good year and meet great people
Sarah, oh dont worry for that, count with us to help you on all the work you have to do to be at day, and anything you need just tell us
Michelle: for sure Sophia, don´t hesitate to tell us, we are more than glad to help you, do you already know our teacher?
Sophia: no, i don´t, im just arrive a few minutes before, and the principal, introduce me with Sarah, she was near, and the principal told me, she will be on my class, and no one better to let me know all te relevant information.
-would you like to go the cinema?
-sure, I´d love to what ´s the rime of the movie?
-"whose time is the movie
-what time is the movie?
-it's at 6.00 p.m.
-where is it?
-it´s in minka
-how much are the ticket's?
-den 'worry, it´s on me
-thanks, see you later