Match these two ideas in a conditional construction. Choose a first, second or third conditional, as said in each sentence. Put the 'if' adverb where needed.

1. your parents-invite-me-to have lunch/ I-go-for sure. (1st conditional)

2. everyone-buy-a laptop/they-not be-so expensive. (2nd conditional)

3. I-not visit-my aunt in London/she-not have-a big apartment.(3rd conditional)




1, if your parents invited me to have luch I would go for sure

2, everyone would buy a laptop if they werent so expensive

3, i will not visit my aunt in london if she doesnt have a big apartment


1-  Tus padre-me- invitaron-para-comer/lo-tengo-porsegurro.

2-todos-compren-una laptop/no-tienen-que -ser muy costosas

3-yo-no-eh-visitado-mi tia-en londres/ella -no tine-una partamento-grande.