1. I am going to take a nap.
2. You are going to regret that.
3. He is going to visit his uncle this weekend.
4. She is going to take up french classes.
5. Julio is going to start a diet.
6. Simona is going to cut her hair.
7. I am going to give up my piano lessons.
8. We are going to get some pizza later.
9. Dad is going to hep us with this problem.
10. Tom and Lisa are going to celebrate their 5th anniversary this Saturday.

1. Are you going to go out with us?
2. Is he going to stay at home?
3. Who is going to look after him?
4. Is Tom going to get some coffee?
5. Are we going to the cinema?
6. Is she going to sing karaoke?
7. Is your brother going to go to the same school you did?
8. Is Anna going to join us?
9. Are you going to go to the supermarket later?
10. Is Jaime going to take up surfing?

1. I am not going to repeat that!
2. I am not going to go out tonight.
3. You are not going  to visit Sarah today.
4. I am not going to tell you!
5. She is not going to make it any easier!
6. He is not going to go for a walk, it´s raining to heavily.
7. Marta is not going to study tonight, she has a terrible headache.
8. I am not going to do my homework today, it´s Friday.
9. You are not going to me again.
10. Matias is not going to vote in the elections, he hates politics.