P1: Hi (P2) how are you?
P2: I´m fine thanks, I´m about to meet P5 at the movies, why don´t you come over.
P1. Oh sure thatwould be amazing, lets go,

In the movies.
P3. P1! how are you, how do you feel? P2 told me that you broke up with your boyfriend, you must be sad.
P1. Well i don´t really now how I feel, Actually i´m starting to feel Happy, he wast a great boyfriend. But tell me i heard that you´re gonna move to another country.
P2. Wait Im surprised , are you moving to another country?
P3. Actually Im so angry it´s a fake rumor.
P2. Oh well then, I´m hungry i think we should enter and go buy some food before the movie.

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