Puedes poner una redacción de tus vacaciones como esta 
 in the last vacation was a nice time for us because we spent with the family, I could relax, hike, enjoy the parties present, playing, going to the beach, walk with friends ... christmas was wonderful the pass with my family and friends, receiv gifts, new year was a day too familar fun waiting for the new year with many anxieties, purposes and dreams

recuerda que una redacción es una historia contada, por lo que tu tienes que contarla tal cual pasó, tal cual quieras que se lea, pero como si fuera un libro 
Vacaciones: Holidays are to rest, relax and be calm.
During the holidays you can go to the beach, rivers, etc..
Everyone leaves license to rest and take a break from working all year.
Normally holiday starts in December and ends in February.