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Christmas in Colombia is a day to be with family. The homes are decorated with trees, cribs, Christmas boots, and after the big dinner, when the clock strikes 12, it's time to deliver presents. Children are going to bed early and in the morning of 25 receive their gifts. Just like Christmas, December 31 is another special occasion and the famous "omens" are one of the main traditions. That night, in just five seconds, Colombians are to meet with stiff resistance test: They take a drink champagne glass holding with his right hand while they eat 12 grapes each ordered a wish, turn around the block with a suitcase, placed yellow underwear, kissing a person of the opposite sex look to the future in an egg letters are cast, "read" the future in a peeled potato, split pins and sing carols all night.
As in other countries around the world living christmas, in America it is time to be with friends and family, share the love and camaraderie , as well as give and receive presents . But Christmas in America has its own advantages and disadvantages. This is an overview for which it is not started . America has long been known as the land of opportunity , hence arises the popularity of mistletoe. Long ago , it was believed that mistletoe had magical powers and was used by the Celts and Druids in their worship ceremonies . Today is the last hope and prayer alone , so he thanks the mistletoe , each gets a kiss at Christmas . Here are some tips of what to do and not to do with mistletoe : What to do: keep your breath fresh and sweet. There is no excuse , there are many mints in place. What not to do : do not stand next to the mistletoe all night , waiting for something , and with a smile all the time. Perhaps you can think of how clever and smarter than you are, but any person with some common sense you see the game is afoot , away and think it has much punch in the head. And now we're on the topic of punch or eggnog , " take or not take ? " that is the question . Eggnog is a viscous pale brew with the flavor and consistency of pancake batter