1. I was playing football with my younger brother the whole of yesterday. 2. When I was cooking a dinner, my sister was listening to music in her room. 3. My friend was in Great Britain the whole of year. 4. My friend and I were studying it all month. 5. She was listening to music, whe the phone rang. 6. Yesterday at this time I was cleaning my room, my parents were reading a newspaper and my brother was watching TV. 7. When my mum was cleaning our kitchen, my sister was writing a letter. 8. I was taking a shower, when my boyfirend came. 9. She met him when they were studying in Warsaw. 10. They weren't reading books when I came. 11. My parents weren't cooking a dinner, when my friend and I came from the school. 12. She didn't answer the phone, because she was listening to music and she wasn't nothing other. 13. At this time last year we were working in London. 14. When I went out, it was raining. 15. I saw an accident when my father and I were driving to his work.16. We werern't living here at this time. 17. Was you writing the letter, when our mum came? 18. When I woke up, no one was sleeping. 19. I wasn't doing something important when you came. 20. When I came to Tom, his father and he were repairing their car. 21. I was listening to music.
22.He was playing the guitar.
23.She was taking a shower.
24.They were singing.
25.He was eating a cake.