Me: My name is Laura Manuela Sanchez Ladino. I was born in Supia Caldas on 15 of March of 1999. I live in the palms.My family: My parents: My parents are Luis Manuel Sanchez Tabares and Maria Nerieth Ladino Moreno. My maternal grandparents: My maternal grand parents are Hernando Ladino and Darnelly Moreno. My aunt and my sponsor: My aunt's name is Arnoly Ladino and my sponsor's name is Polo. These are the adults around me. Main events in My life: My baptism: was on 8th of December of 1999. I baptized the father Jairo Sanchez in the church of Carmen. My firtst communion: was on 2 of December of 2006 and the present was a tracen to San Andres. I participes in se eran contest. Likes and dislikes: Likes: I like the chocolate, I like the burguers of McDonald, I like walk, I like go to the shopping, I like eat ice cream, i like enjoy the things good of My life and I like the animals. Dislikes: I don't like the animal abuse. Whises and dreams: I would like study anesthesiologgy, I would like have a much houses and much cars, I would like travel by every world and enjoy everythings with My family.