Hola, miren, mañana tengo un examen del libro The Phantom of the Opera, es de Oxford, y tiene solo cuarenta páginas, pero mañana tengo 2 examenes más, y no tengo tiempo de leerme este libro. Porfavor, necesito un resumen en inglés, de todo el libro.



This book tells the story of the Opera Ghost, with a white mask and eyes of fire and young opera singer, her name is Christine and she loves Raoul.
The Opera House was opened in the 1870s in Paris and the people said that there´s a Phantom inside, who see the performance in the Box 5.
The ghost is very angry because the manager sell his private box.
The real name of the ghost is Erik but everybody both him Opera Ghost or the Angel of Music. Erik lives in the cellars of the Opera House and sleeps in a coffin. He puts a mask because her face was bony with holes in the eyes, mouth and nouse.
The ghost loves one singer named Christine, but Christine loves Raoul.
The ghost one day take Chritine, but Raoul, with the aid of the Persian and the Police men, safe Christine to be with the ghost for always.
In the final of the story the Persian discover that Erik is dead because is a phantom and send a messege to Raoul and put: “Erik is dead”.

Hope you helped =)