Creo que tratas de decir what do you today? ... Ahy te va...
Well i start my day when i wake up at six and a half , i dont like the morning so stay there like five minutes later i get up and i go to brush my teths ( es dientes no me acuerdo si se escribe así) after i'm going to eat my breackfast with my family ... I have to ho to the school so i'm dress and wait for the bus ... When i arrive to the school i say hi to all my friends and in that moment i wish like that day can be awesome and can learn all that the teacher teach me ... When the school finish i'm going to my home ... Later i leave there and eat after i do my homework and i take a shower and finilly i pass in the computer and go to the bed to start to star a other day.... And yeah i dont eat in the nigth ..... Ahy no se cuántas palabras habrá pero ahy esta si creo que tnga unas 100