1 "David is punching the wall" 

2 "Johnny likes to skip on the way to school" 

3 "Mike smokes 2 pacs of ciggarets everyday" 

4 "Harley jumps when he gets too excited 

5 "He usually drinks four glasses of water a day" 

6 "Casey likes to ride his bike every morning" 

7 "The bear is eating groundbeef" 

9 "Michael is looking at me" 

10 "Diana is studying english" 

11 "She was so unpleasant that she broke into tears" 

12 "I went to the store and bought some food" 

13 "They Built this bridge 10 years ago" 

14 "He brought his coat because he thought it was cold" 

15 "We came back home when it began to rain" 

16 "He wanted to be a doctor but he became a singer" 

17 "Stop shouting at me" 

18 "David cought the ball" 

19 "I usually drive to work" 

20 "He has been driving for the past three hours"