1) they are playing tennis
2) she is reading a book
3) we are watching tv
4) it's stoping
5) she isn't sleeping
6) you're eatting carrot
7) they aren't playing guitar
8) he is running
9) you are stoping in the road
10) we're dancing in the party
ya no se me ocurren más :z
1 I'm whatching the TV
2He's washing his red car
3We are walking to the mall
4You are reading an interesting book
5She's listening to her favouite music
6They're playing their new song
7The teacher is doing an exam 
8Anna and Frank are watching a movie
9The black cat is slepping
10I'm dancing my favorite song
11We are going to the next concert 
12 She is singing a christmas song
13 They are making a cake
14 We are preparing a surprise for Luis
15 He is writting a letter