You can go with me to the super market 
yes i can go

¡La mejor respuesta!
Yo aca te doy algunas oraciones afirmativas, no se si estan bien , espero q te ayuden : 
I can play the piano
I can watch the tv
I can listen music
I can cook the dinner
I can read a book
I can dance hip-hop
I can sing several songs
I can play volleyball
I can study english
I can swim at sea

I can buy a car
I can write
I can play tennis
I can play chess
I can make music
I can act
I can jump
I can run
I can drink water
I can eat an apple
I can take pictures 
I can read the newspaper
gracias Flor17 :D
de nadaa a y te agregue mas oraciones, espero q esten bien, exito :)