I am (tu nombre)
This is my classroom. There is a whiteboard next to the teacher's desk.
There are many posters in the wall and there are very student´s desk.
There is a big window next to the door.
She/ He is my teacher
They are my friends.

Espero que te sirva de algo, no lo hagas asi tal cual te lo di para que saques ideas

I am a teacher my students are very smart, all the girls are very neat,the boys are very disordered because they have a place with very much things.I am a student, the teacher is very boring but i love it my teacher, once my teacher fall down in the floor and all my friends laughed i no laugh because is a serios thing the teacher it broke four ribs, the teacher go to the hospital for two weeks all the students of my classroom is disquiet.

I am a girl this is my doll and this are all my other dolls.
I am a boy this is my car and this are my other cars.
I am an alien and this are my friends.
I have this stickers and this is a giraffe and this are all your spots.
I am in the school and this are my teachers and this is by best friends.

Espero que te sirva de algo, puse la historia por si a caso te pueda servir.