Examples: ·        I play tennis. ·        She does not play tennis. ·        Does she play tennis? ·        The train leaves every morning at 8 AM. ·        The train does not leave at 9 AM. ·        When does the train usually leave? ·        She always forgets her purse. ·        He never forgets his wallet. ·        Every twelve months, the Earth circles the Sun. ·        Does the Sun circle the Earth ·       dogs like milk and meat witn sauce ·       Birds do not like oranges ·       Do pigs like the fruits ·       California is in America. ·       California is not in the United Kingdom. ·       Windows are made of glass,not of wood ·       Windows are not made of wood, are made of plastic. ·       New York is a small city in their country.  
I work with my father in the newspaper.
I read the bible every day 
I watch the tv in the night 
I see my girlfriend every friday 
I like the music of Green Day 
You sing very well 
You play soccer with my brother 
You look like my cousin 
You run in the park every monday 
You write a novel 
He jumps obstacles 
He cries a lot 
He studies for the College 
He swims for the Olimpycs 
He works for Microsoft 
She cooks for her son 
She dances for the carnival 
She walks a lot in the city 
She bites my lips 
She travels to London and to Miami