One day I was playing on the table suddenly I heard a noise down quickly, and ran into my room, out of the house I saw a person without moving a few minutes after the person entered the house was my mom.
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At three in the afternoon,
In the meadow that is in the field,
Under the bridge, Carmen goes to pick flowers in the basket of colors.
It should explain that Carmen is not small and fits into a hole, not small but big.
With basket full of colorful flowers Carmen goes up the hill.
Against the wind rises and rises to the top.
Tired, lay down on the top and
From there watching the people.
In a forest was lost by lowering and
Giant trees of all sizes and
Towards the middle of the forest was,
Until he saw the king of the forest, the deer.
- Why do you come here girl? - Hart said speaking in the language of animals.
- Please do not hurt me, I'm lost. - Carmen said.
As to night,
Without food,
So scary! - Was said
On a rock, sitting
After dominating the bushes where the deer he had found.