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It was 12 noon and the sun was bright as could be . I was doing my work , in the old farm there is always work to do. That warm June morning had to repair the barn door , some planks here , nails there, the capita of varnish and before lunchtime the door would be like new.Work , and yet simple in terms of procedures , was really tired , the boards weighed a lot, had chips , I was out of practice with the hammer, etc. . The family had gone to town to get food , so I had no one to help . Just Lay company had , my faithful dog.
It was at that moment that happened the terrible misfortune : had the plank in my hands and I was standing on the top of the door , left the board supported at just below and went to get the nails to secure. As we passed along I realized that , on the ground, there was one thing I saw before : dog excrement . At the last moment I tried to avoid it but could not, completely crushed it with his shoe and had such bad luck of resbalarme and stick his head in the door of the barn , knocking loose plank and struck me across the chest , fracturing the ribcage and causing me mortal wounds in the lungs and heart.I had very bad luck, the wounds were serious enough to kill me, but not enough to spare me the slow and painful agony I experienced also the family does not arrive in time to say goodbye to them .I was suffering and unable to take my board off, but over time I noticed that the pain was marching . But there was good news , I failed the blood and that made my brain was shutting down. When he was about to lose consciousness , Lay started barking and woke me up a little, and he felt no pain and had a clear mind , I knew I had plenty of time , but at that time could only think that the droppings lay was going to cost lives. I said to myself :" It's natural , when a person defecates , then wipe . If dirtied something, be responsible , have a duty to collect it. Nobody should bear the filth of the other. "
" But when we are responsible for an animal and the animal defecates , it seems that the responsibility is lost along the way. Very few people stop to think that crap that has left our friend is our responsibility as a landlord or owner of the dog. "
" That's exactly what has happened to me, had the responsibility to fix what ensuciase my dog ​​, but I did vagrancy . Sometimes the consequences are not serious or just do not affect us . But this time the result is the loss of a human life, of my life. "" Coincidences of life: not pick up dog poop , letting loose a plank at a certain height , the slide while stepping stool , falling and bumping into the door and plank falling just above me. All these factors , together ( as if one had not happened , there would have been nothing serious ), I will die. "At that point I closed my eyes and my body did not wake up . Now , from an extra-physical dimension , where time does not exist, I want to give you some advice : "do your duty always , however routine and boring as they are, as they can cost you life."