Write 20 posite or negative sentence using the personal pronouns the possessive adjectives

This are 20 positive sentences: 1. - Carlos, Luis and I will go to mexico. 2. - I will cut my pant. 3. - we will play soccer. 4. - Luis will run 100 meters. 5 -. My papà will read the newspaper. 6. - the doctor will give 20 you consult free. 7. - she will receive their boyfriend's letter. 8. - we will have meeting on Monday 9. - you will eat meat 10. - I will support in the circus 11. - my cousin will go up the hill 12 - the priests will say a sentence 13. - we will sell vegetables
14 -. Ninnel Count will seduce me in the beach 15.- The drunkard will sleep alone 16. - your you will leave my cake 17. - we will recognize to the dead 18. - I will visit my uncle 19. - Carlos and kingfisher will smell the flowers 20. - the doctor will serve beer


We dont have a car/we have a cer
you dont wash the room/you wash the room
you dont have a parrot/you have a parrot
you dont have a cookie/you have a cookie
we dont have a chair/we have a chair
we are not a dumb/we are intelligent
you dont have to call (parte de cancion de Taylor Swift)/you have to call
you have a tv/you dont have a tv
we dont have a computer/we have a computer
we dont have money/we have money

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