Escriba 3 citas o slogans en inglés acerca de la pobreza


Poverty is the worst form violence.
poverty of goods is easily cured;poverty of the mind is irreparable
poverty is not a shame, but the person ashamed of it is

1)Poverty is ____________________________
2)Poverty is ____________________________
3)Poverty is ____________________________

Responda en inglés usando "short answers (respuestas cortas)

a. Is inequality increasing around the world?
b. Does poverty only affect some regions of the world?
c. Is globalization contributing for poverty to disappear?
d. Does the article contain only facts?

Responda en inglés acerca de usted.
a. Do you like music?
b. What kind of music do you like?
c. Which is your favorite chilean singer or group?

Traduzca los siguientes versos al castellano.
"it's been a long time since i've been wondering
why the earth is round and only one?"

"if we all live separated
what are the skies and the seas for"