One day, the Supreme Fairy snowy mountains , decided to gather all the fairies under his command , to reward them for the great work they performed. Until his palace , came all of them, with their finest and most luxurious carriages . All but the little Alba , a young fairy who on his way he met a lonely hut , from which came the plaintive cry of two. Upon entering the cabin , discovered two dead little cold. Without thinking twice , he used his magic to light the fire and make small heat entering . To not feel alone and the fire did not go out , he decided to stay with them until their parents return . When they came back and realized how late it was , he ran as fast as he could , leaving her wand . Upon arrival, he found the Fairy of the snowy mountains , looking very angry. - But hey what time is this coming ? Where did you say you left the wand ? By sloppy and tardona , you're grounded . While his companions threw all sorts of arguments to defend the Great Fairy said : I know that Alba is not worth the punishment , because if you come late , has been because of his good will. That's why , instead of imposing a severe punishment , only the hex you for a period of one hundred years . From now on, the condemned to roam the world , transformed into a white rat . So when you somewhere you cross a snow white rat , possibly Alba , who has failed to fulfill its punishment.