1. He did the homework 
2. He was playing soccer 
3. She went to Italy 
4. I played in classes 
5. The birthday was 
6. She played with her cousin 
7. We did not do the job 
8. They participated in an activity 
9. He ate too 
10. She lost the race

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It's a good idea to drink some fruit juice between meals

water hasn't got any calories

for a healty snack, you can eat some nuts or some melon.

don't drink any coffee before you got to bed- it's bad for you.

it's healthy to put some sugar in your tea.

Chocolate hasn't got any vitamins or minerals in ir.

it's good to eat some , rice or bread every day.

don't eat any oil- it's very bad for you.

the Beatles were first popular in the 1960s

your birthday is very special day.

the film was boring and I fell asleep.

Tokyo Disneyland is the most popular them park in the word.