That is really big and i cant pick it up.
that person is watching me.
that dog is fun to play with.
I thought that my brother went over there.
That girl is staring at me.
we went to that park yesterday
that isn't my sweater 
That page doesnt exist 
we weren't there last time 
i think that we are lost.
Is that true?
what is that?
is that true?
that is right.
Ive seen that.

These aren't mine.
Wish these were mine.
which one of these are bigger?
these dogs aren't mine.
Can you mail these for me?
These flowers are beautiful.
Can you help me wash these dishes?
Mistakes like these are common 
I wonder if she recognize me after all these years
these hours are going so slow.
Do you have these shoes in my size?
Aren't these to big for me?
 These things are really weird.
these aren't too big for me.
Help yourself to these cookies.