1) What are your plans for December and January? Write 10 sentences with GOING TO

Predict the future. Write 5 sentences about your future (year 2030)

Answer about your friend
a- Will your partner get married? Who with?
b- How many children with he/she have?
c- What things will you have? (MATERIAL THINGS)
d- Where will you travel?
e- What will you be/do?



¡La mejor respuesta!
1) My plans for December and January. Im going to my moms house and to eat dinner with my family on Christmas eve. On the next day we will be going to open our gifts. Then we will be going to a trip with my whole family. On January we are going to my dads house and eating with his family. We will be probably going to restaurant to celebrate New years eve. Im going to give them a surprise about my new car. They are going to take me back to my house. Then im going to relax in my house. These are going to be my plans.

2) In the year of 2030 im going to be 40 years old. I'll be working in a company with  an old friend. I'll have one daughter. And my 39 year old wife. We live in New York city in a tall building.  

a-My partner will get married with her high school girlfriend.

b- He will have 3 children.

I will have a cat and a house in New York.

    I will Travel to argentina with my family.

e-I will be a company boss in New york.

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