There are many museums all over the world. Numerous museums are there in India itself. Most of the museums are specific and have items pertaining to a particular field or area. Such are Railway Museum, Air Force Museum, Doll Museum, and Statue Museum and so on.Last Sunday, I went to see the museum pertaining to the Archaeological Survey of India. It comprised a number of rooms. Each room showed items concerning a particular period in the history of India or pertaining to a particular region of India.The most impressive items that virtually enthralled me were the items pertaining to the Harappa and Mohenjodaro Civilization. Models and real findings from this civilization were displayed in elaborate showcases. Besides, there were charts, pictures and posters depicting disparate items.I was greatly impressed by the model of the Great Bath and the wonderful drainage system in the ancient urban civilization. Then I looked at toys of animals, men and birds with great curiosity. I also had a glance at the mysterious script of the language of the Harappans.Some other things which had a great effect on my mind were the coins, utensils, toys etc. of different periods in India’s history such as the Chola period, the Maurya period, the Gupta period, the Tughlaq period, the Mughal period, etc.I saw many other things and when I returned home after about two hours, I was full of new knowledge and somewhat whetted hunger for attaining more of it elsewhere.