The Gingerbread ManThe haymakers joined in the chase behind the old woman and the old man, the cow and the horse, and they all followed,him as he ran through the fields. There he met a fox, so he called out to the fox: "Run, run, as fast as you can, You can´t catch me, I´m the gingerbread man!" But the sly fox said, -"Why should I bother to catch you?" although he thought to himself, "That gingerbread man would be good to eat." Just after he had run past the fox the gingerbread man had to stop because he came to a wide, deep, swift-flowing river. The fox saw the old woman and the old man, the cow, the horse and the haymakers all chasing the gingerbread man so he said, -"Jump on my back, and I´ll take you across the river!" The gingerbread man jumped on the fox´s back and the fox began to swim. As they reached the middle of the river, where the water was deep, the fox said,- "Can you stand on my head, Gingerbread Man, or you will get wet." So the gingerbread man pulled himself up and stood on the fox´s head. As the current flowed more swiftly, the fox said, "- Can you move on to my nose, Gingerbread Man, so that I can carry you more safely? I would not like you to drown."The gingerbread man slid on to the fox´s nose. But when they reached the bank of the river, the fox suddenly went snap! The gingerbread man disappeared into the fox´s mouth, and was never seen again.FIN