Granada is a municipality and a Spanish city , capital of the province, in the autonomous community of Andalusia . It is located in the center of the Vega de Granada region , at an altitude of 738 meters, in a wide depression formed intrabética Genil River and the foothills of the tallest mountain in the Iberian Peninsula , Sierra Nevada, which determines its climate .It is the seat of the judicial district No. 3 of the province of the Archdiocese that bears his name , and the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia , Ceuta and Melilla and the Advisory Council of Andalusia .In 2009, 234,325 people lived , 4 498 365 counting metropolitana.5 area neighborhoods that have are very different from each other , in part by continued immigration occurred until the 1990s , the most important are the Zaidín, the Albaicin , Sacromonte , Realejo , La Chana , Almanjáyar and Cartuja.It was the capital of the Kingdom of Granada Zirí , during the eleventh century , and the Kingdom of Granada between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries. After the capture of the city by the Catholic Kings remained Castilian capital of the Kingdom of Granada , which was a simple territorial jurisdiction and remained until 1833 , at which time there was a new provincial division in Spain , still in force . Its municipal shield holds the titles of ' Very noble, very loyal, appointed , large, very famous and heroic city of Granada »